Flood Fest –

I have, for the first time, observed a natural disaster from the perspective of ground zero. I chose the title Flood Fest in recognition of the large number of spectators that came into the area to see the flood waters, and the potential damage it can cause. There is a sense of excitement, awe, and wonder at both the beauty and danger of nature. I spent time walking with friends, and meeting people I don’t get to see often enough, while attempting to tell a story through my lens.

Local Businesses

Local businesses saw a boost as folks flooded into the area (pun intended). We had lunch at The Gruff, located at the base of the Roebling Suspension Bridge on the Covington side of the river. I particularly enjoyed the play on the three Billygoats story, and the food and service were both wonderful. As we chatted with the staff, they mentioned how busy they were, serving folks coming in to the area see what there was to see.

Mother Nature’s Fury

There is something hauntingly beautiful about the fury of nature, and the adaptability of wildlife to rapidly changing landscapes. Just a few days ago Yeatmans’s Cove Park was a wonderful grassy oasis for dog walkers, joggers, and folks enjoying the river scenes. Over the last several days it has transformed into a waterfowl sanctuary. Geese, mallards, and a variety of other ducks descended onto the park. Flooded with only a few feet of water, it provided an ideal spot to bath, feed, and play.

I do not want to underplay the damage this flood has caused. There have been many story’s of folks forced from their homes as flood waters encroached. At One Lytle Place, we have been fortunate. We received several feet of water in the garage resulting in some vehicle damage and loss of power, but we are doing alright.

In the larger scheme, I am blessed to be here on the river, taking the good with the challenges, and marveling at the beauty in all of nature’s moods.

I hope you enjoy the images, and please come back to visit as Murphy and I explore our surroundings, and share what we find interesting.

Until next time

Au revoir, and Happy Murphy-Cam!

Flood Fest

Waterfowl enjoying the new Wetlands.

Flood Fest

Flooding of the Cincinnati Riverfront.

Flood Fest

The Roebling Suspension Bridge from Covington with some mighty high water.

Flood Fest

Trees in Yeatman’s Cove Park.

Flood Fest

Lone reed standing proudly, weathering the storm.