Guitar Headstone

Guitar Headstone

Woodlawn Cemetery

By Peter Teremi

Welcome to another Murphy-Cam adventure. While Murphy enjoyed his Spa Day, I toured the surrounding area and was drawn to the Woodlawn Cemetery. Seeing the gate was open, I ventured in. There was a small pond in the center, reflecting the morning sun as it reached the tree line. On the west side was a small wrought iron bench in half shadow. I sat for a moment, but the bench was too cold, so I began to walk. Headstones on that side showed folks took up residence around 1920 or so. As I made my way around to the east side, I noticed, there were more recent initiates. One in particular drew my attention.

Guitar Headstone

Daniel J. Appeared to have lived a long full life, from what I could discern. He got to celebrate his 79th birthday. It wasn’t clear if he played a few old tunes himself, or was played to, but one of those is logical, surrounded by family and friends. I imagine old jokes were passed around, along with well worn stories lovingly recalled.

Not sure who decided to add the Guitar etching to the monument, but my money is on Daniel. Fair thee well sir Daniel, and thank you for sharing a little bit of your life with those of us still clinging to the surly bonds of earth.

Happy Murphy-Cam!

Trees at Woodlawn

Sun through the trees at Woodlawn Cemetery