When life gives you lemons, make lemonade –

You may be wondering why I opened this post with a cliche. When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. I was reviewing images from our morning walk, and came across this little gem with the main subject out of focus and a JJ Abrams style lens flair. It is not what I was trying to achieve. In fact, it is, by definition, a failure.

So why post it?

I’m glad you asked. What is failure? It could be argued that trying something and not have it turn out as you expected is not failure, but rather another step toward success. Ultimately, I posted it because it makes me happy. It breaks all the rules but I find a dreamy quality in the soft focus around Murph that picks up a glow from the morning sun.

Happy accidents

Each day we wake up and endeavor in routines that give life meaning. Those events that diverge from expected outcomes give us direction, challenge, and help us to see a little further down our path. Savor these, rather than deriving angst from them. They are the spice, the funny stories, the things that stand out in life when you look back. Perhaps they are nudges from the Divine to assist us on this journey through the cosmos.

Hoping this finds you well. Happy Murphy-Cam!