Series on the Canon 5D Mark II – Lights in the Tree

I have been testing out a Canon Rebel SL1 on loan from photogrpher friend Aly Wilson, but wanted a body with a full frame sensor to compliment the IPhone 6s for use on The Murphy-Cam Project. I wanted to explore more low light photography at which the iPhone does not excel.

Happy Fathers Day

We spent the Memorial Day holiday on Nolin Lake with Katie, Nick, and his family. I have been searching for a digital camera that would work with a Canon 28-105mm 1:3.5-4.5 II USM lens from an old film body. Nick told me, over Mother’s Day weekend, that he was planing to sell a Canon 5D Mark II. I asked him to let me know before he put it on the market. When Katie told me to bring my lens over to the weekend at the lake, I suspected something was up. Nick, very generously, presented it to me as an early Fathers Day gift. Serious brownie points here.

The image below is the first in a series exploring the new camera. I hope you enjoy them, and Murphy says hi.

Lights in the Tree

The lights in the tree were hung by Nick earlier in the day, at risk of life and limb. This was the first image captured using the new combination. With a tripod and a longer exposure time, I was very pleased with the warmth of the image, the glow of the lights, and the star effect of the light points. I will continue to add more images to this series in the days to come, so stay tuned. Happy Murphy-Cam!