It’s Not Too Late, The Murphy-Cam Project Book Is Still Avalable –

Response to The Murphy-Cam Project Book from around the community has been tremendous, and I am truly grateful. A number of people have reached out recently to ask where they can get a copy.
Signed copies are available through Joseph Beth Booksellers at their Rookwood location.

On-Line and In Person –

You can also purchase them on-line through the link below, and I still have some stock as well. We have made strides toward assisting our homeless community in Cincinnati through this endeavor.  Procedes are going to Our Our Daily Bread, a local soup kitchen.

Please reach out to me with questions, or thoughts on how we can make a little difference in the world.

New Book Coming This Fall! –

I am working on a follow up to The Murphy-Cam Project. It should be out in time for the holiday season. More information to come.
Murphy and I thank you, and wish you all the best! Happy Murphy-Cam!