These Canadian Geese Take To The Ohio River Like A Duck In Water –

Ok, that was a cliche, but I couldn’t help myself. For someone who did their dissertation on Arthurian Humor in the Middle Ages, I felt it could not go unsaid. In any event, these visitors from the north, grace us with their presence in early spring. Nothing gets Murphy excited like a duck in water. The sight of one, or more, of these beautiful water foul, basking on the lawn in Yeatmans Cove Park, is enough to start his carefully choreographed dance, that renders him completely immobilized, mummified by his leash. He has gotten better with experience. I started carrying treats to redirect his prey drive, but it remains a project in progress. Pictured are a handful of Canadian Geese, basking in the morning sun, while enjoying the many aquatic amenities afforded by the river in Cincinnati. Happy Hump Day from Murphy-Cam!