Sunrise Kayak Tour On Lake Huron

During our trip to Mackinac Island, Joy and I took a Sunrise Kayak Tour On Lake Huron. The highlight of an already memorable trip, we watched as the sun rose over the Great Lake. A spectacular colored delight, morphing hues held our gaze as quilted clouds hung on the morning breeze. The first rays of dawn gave an otherworldly glow as enchantment fell upon our troupe. May this bring you peace as your week begins. Thoughts and comments always welcome. Happy Murphy-Cam!

Sunrise Kayak Tour On Lake Huron

Sunrise Over Lake Huron

Sunrise Kayak Tour On Lake Huron

Otherworldly Dawn

Sunrise Kayak Tour On Lake Huron

The Joy Of My Life



  1. Beautiful. Nothing better than a kayak floating on calm waters. At Lake Superior right now, myself. No time for kayak on this trip and Superior would not be the lake. Allan

    • Thank you and enjoy your trip. Tim was a little choppy until we made our way to a little inlet that blocked the wind.

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