The next installment of the New Murphy-Cam Book Coming Soon! Nearly a year ago the The Murphy-Cam Project was released, and I have been humbled by your generosity and kind words. Through book signings, television appearances, and a tremendous social media response, we have made a difference in our community. We brought awareness to our homeless neighbors and provided financial assistance to organizations that are on the ground doing great work for this population. Like the first book, proceeds from the sale of this volume will go to assist our brothers and sisters in need.

Murphy-Cam – Prints For Home Or Office

I have been approached many times to produce prints of images published here, but have been cautious about moving too quickly into that business. I am currently assessing print venders with which to provide quality reproductions, and will keep you apprised of those developments. If you might be interested in a print to hang in your home or office, please email me at Let me know what print or prints you are considering, dimensions that will work for your space, and if you are thinking of a canvas wrap, dry mount, or Giclee fine art prints. Even if you are not sure but are interested, I would like to know that as well to help judge actual demand for such a service.

I will slow down on Murphy-Cam posts as I shift energies toward book creation.  Here is Morning In The Queen City to tide you over for a little while. Book signings will be scheduled ahead for holiday gift giving, so stay tuned. As always, Murphy and I appreciate your companionship on this journey, and wish you all the best from The Murphy-Cam Project!