It is a cold day for man or beast in Cincinnati, but go out we must. It also has been a long while since Murphy has seen his friend, causing him to shout “Wherefore art thou Fauntleroy?” But it is too cold for Fauntleroy to come out and play. Mrs. Mouse, Fauntleroy’s mother, has warned him about associating with the likes of Schnauzer’s, as they are prone to fits of compulsive behavior. It is hard to argue with Mrs. Mouses logic here, as I have witnessed these antics firsthand.

For now we will continue our solitary journey in hopes of finding Finnegan Squirrel, who is always up for a game of tomfoolery. Gabriella Goose and Oliver Otter were also unavailable for consultation, so we managed our business, and made our way back in for a hot cup of cocoa and a mid morning through late afternoon nap on the cozy chair. Cheers from the Murphy-Cam Project!