Another image from our pilgrimage, this hearty sprig in winter’s blanket adds a pop of color to the bleak landscape. Dressed in a coat of green, Murphy,  prances gaily through the drifting snow, and is once again disappointed by the absence of his friend. When last they met, Fauntleroy, bedecked in crimson housecoat and slippers, surveyed his wondrous home in the Land Beneath the Bridge. No Billy Goats here. It is a pleasant place, if a bit noisy, but the grass grows high enough for our friend to stroll about undetected by all but the most discerning snout.

In spring this little meadow blooms with purple clover where the grass is sparse, and abuts to a small thicket just the right size for a family of mice. Of course, this is no ordinary mouse family. They hail from a long line of hardy kin who share many extraordinary adventures, but that is a different story for a different time. Until we meet again, we wish you all the best from The Murphy-Cam Project!