If you could not stop by Joseph-Beth for the talk and Book Signing, here is your chance. I was asked to join a team who would present a workshop on homelessness. Since I will be traveling during the event, I produced a video called The Murphy-Cam Project – A Spiritual Journey. Recording the talk, with the assistants from my friend Debbie Williams, combined with footage from our walks tells our story in a more visual way. It is available Here to give a fuller description of our journey, and so you can see Murphy in action.

I have heard from many that they are having trouble ordering the book on Amazon. Though Amazon is still working through their pre order process, you can order your copy directly from my website, and have it in about a week. Plus, ordering the book directly means more of the money you spend on the book goes to charity. To give you some perspective on the economics at work here: The book priced at $35.00 will net $2.00 in profit for charity if purchased through Amazon. Buying directly will allow 8 times that amount to go to help our homeless friends. If you haven’t had the opportunity to pick one up, now would be a great time. Also Joseph-Beth still has signed copies in stock, so stop by if you can.

We hope you enjoy the video. It is about 13 min long, but be patient, it is a good story.

Please know how much we enjoy your thoughts, comments, and support. Keep your light shining, and have a happy Murphy-Cam!

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