It finally happened! Spring is rolling on the river, and Mary couldn’t be prouder! You may be wondering what flowers in a riverside park and this John Fogerty classic might have in common. Other than both being in my head, and on the river, nothing I suppose. The real question you have to ask yourself is “Who’ll stop the rain”? Or for that matter “Have you ever seen the rain, on Green River, Looking Out My Back Door?”

Bad Moon

Growing up, songs from Credence Clearwater Revival informed my soul. Lyrical stories for summertime, water, in various forms, and even baseball. It took a long time to figure out why they would write a diddy about a bathroom, and how it’s left or right orientation mattered all that much. Leave it up to a child’s imagination.

These stories have certainly put a spell on me, hanging out with Susie Q down on the corner, or taking The Midnight Special, Up Around the Bend. They will stay with me As Long As I Can See The Light.

Although I have endured many of life’s trials, I have, indeed, been a Fortunate Son.

And as Murphy and I make our way over to Lodi, we wish you all the best from The Murphy-Cam Project!