Hello all, and welcome to Easter Service – Sunrise Edition!

There is a special feel to the Sunrise service. I envision that quiet time before the Mary’s get to the tomb. Before the trumpeters usher in George Frideric Handel’s Messiah and its triumphal Chorus. Maybe even at the time when Jesus makes his daring escape, and the angels tag with him to share the story. A pause before the storm, if you will.

So, what do you imagine happened the night before? Was the stone rolled away before or after the resurrection? Did Jesus ascend directly to heaven, or stroll around the grounds until he felt at home, posing as the gardener?

The Bible is not specific on many of these points, and even conflicting on exactly what went down, who saw what, talked to whom, and ran to where, in verification of all the stories, that morning. I like to think of it as a policeman taking depositions at a crime scene. Everyone witnessed the same incident, but when pressed for details, recall a slightly different series of events.

I suspect God is bigger than any one religion or faith community. Bigger than all the boxes we humans try to fit something beyond our comprehension into.

It must be enough to know we are loved, by an infinite power so vast that the only response we can meaningfully give is gratitude, and an attempt to love each other as unselfishly.

Wishing you Love and Happiness from The Murphy-Cam Project!