For the past 3 years Murphy and I have walked the streets of Cincinnati, and those cities surrounding the river. In that time, we discovered many elements of our community, some iconic, and some less so. This is the statue of James Bradley – Abolitionist. It resides in Covington Ky, overlooking the Ohio River into Downtown Cincinnati.

James Bradley was born free in Africa and abducted by slave traders at the age of 3. He was sold as a slave in South Carolina. Working for himself, he eventually bought his freedom and moved to free Ohio. Settling in Cincinnati, he attended Lane Seminary, and eventually Oberlin College. He worked to help educate illiterate freed slaves coming to the north through the Underground Railroad.

I passed this statue many times and never stopped to learn the history of the man it represented. I hope you enjoyed this brief retrospective. You can find more information on James Bradley and his autobiography through Oberlin Collage’s website.

So long from The Murphy-Cam Project!

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