After a long time away from a sport I once pursued avidly, I am Back in the Saddle. This weekend I enjoyed a 50 mile bike ride on the Lovely Loveland Bike Trail with my friend John. I decided to ease back into the sport with the purchase of a used road bike funded with Birthday money, complements of my daughter.

New Bike

I was looking to replace a beloved Cannondale criterium bike that I sold many years ago, and stumbled over a 1993 Trek modified 1420, at least as best I can tell. The components were warn but serviceable, and the aluminum frame was in good shape, other than a few chips in the paint.

Getting Back in the Bike Saddle

I began riding the hills around the area to get in shape. They don’t call it Crestview Hills for nothing. I was a much younger man when last I did a half century, but aside from some tender leg muscles and backside, I feel great.

It was a beautiful fall day and I managed to take a few photographs along the way. I hope you enjoy them.

Loveland Bike Trail

The Loveland Bike Trail is a section of over 70 paved miles of the Little Miami Scenic Bike Trail.  Chartered in 1839, the Little Miami Steam Railroad reached Loveland by 1844.  It became the Pennsylvania Railroad In 1870, and rail operations ceased in 1963. Development of the trail we have today began in 1983 by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources.

Murphy did not accompany me on this trip so he camped out in my chair instead. Hoping this finds you well. Happy Murphy-Cam!

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Loveland Bike Trail

On the Trail

Back in the Saddle

My friend John

Back in the Saddle

Autumn Leaves