Sedona Arizona is photogenic and full of energy from deep within the Earth. For more than 15 years, we hoped to travel the American Southwest and now we are here. Taking in as many sights as we can in the short time we have, I took an early morning walk to discover the Sunrise Over Sedona.

Canyon Villa Inn

This series of images is but a small peek into the vast splendor of this unique place. The opening image was taken from the patio at Canyon Villa Inn, whose hospitality and beautiful location make it a choice option the next time you are in town. Having spent the previous morning hiking Bell Rock Vista Trail, I still needed an image to tie the post together. Slipping out to grab an early morning cup of joe, I nearly blew hot coffee out my nose when I glanced out the window. Sprinting back to the room, grabbed my camera, and squeezed off a couple quick shots before the color faded.

Bell Rock
Bell Rock Vista Trail

The trail head was a short walk from our B&B. I headed out at 6am, as soon as the faint glow of dawn allowed enough light to navigate. Alone on the trail, except for the morning song provided by my avian friends, I let the peace and energy of these ancient stones share their story.

Bell Rock Base
The pathway lead to the base of Bell Rock. Awaiting sunlight to spillover the mountain range on the horizon, it gave me time to notice the hand of creation in the large and small acquaintances I made that morning.

Courthouse ButteCourthouse Butte Face
To its east was Courthouse Butte. A bit further away but not lacking in grandeur, I enjoyed how light reflected off the face.

Castle Rock

Castle Rock is situated to the west of Bell Rock and I found the light hitting it just right as I was exiting the trail.

Along the way I found morning light interacting with plant life and the trail itself.

BranchesPath Less TraveledSunlight through the stems

I hope you enjoyed these photos and stay tuned for the Grand Canyon.

Happy Murphy-Cam.

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