The New Year is a good time to start healing. To let go of the past and live into the present. To find joy, happiness, and gratitude for all we have received, and for friends and family through which we share love.


One way to elevate positive energy in our lives is to practice forgiveness. This can be challenging but the reward is life altering. Look at forgiveness as a way to let go of the pain and power another’s words or actions have on us. It is not necessary to receive an apology or even a recognition of the transgression. We are not condoning the behavior, merely releasing its power on our lives.

Sometimes, the hardest person to forgive is ourselves. If we have caused harm or injury to another we must do our best to make amends. We are on this earthly journey to learn and grow. Part of that learning process is making mistakes. We may even think some of those mistakes are unforgivable. But to move forward we must seek forgiveness both from others and ourselves.

Wishing you all joy and happiness as we start the new year together.

Happy New Year’s from The Murphy-Cam Project!