I am sitting next to my wife, working from home, while riding out the COVID-19 virus. Content Warning: This article is about silver linings. For those seeking apocalyptic ruminations, there is no shortage of options elsewhere.

We exited Italy as the the virus was just getting started in the northern part of the country. Had that trip started even a week later, our wonderful experience would have been radically different, or nonexistent. Since then, I have followed the news around the world watching as one country after the other deals with this global pandemic. Though there is much negativity related to the impact of this event, and rightly so, there are also positive observations I would like to share. 

During a quick trip to the grocery store, I noticed that aisles with shelf stable items were barren. However, areas with fresh fruits and vegetables were plentiful. Might I suggest taking this opportunity to enjoy the fresh stuff now and save that box of orange Mac & Cheese for when you are really desperate.

Family Dinners

It seems inconceivable that our fast paced world full of soccer, band, basketball, (fill in yours), has left no room at the table to sit as a family and enjoy a home cooked meal. Suddenly schools are closed across the nation, including college’s, and all related extra curricular activities. Restaurants and bars are closed. Professional sports, theater, concerts, all canceled. Now, miraculously, family dinners are back on the menu. Savor these moments and take time to ponder the value of this gift.

Global Greenhouse Emissions Reduction

Though not the ideal way to reduce carbon dioxide pollution, NASA images of China first, now Italy show drastic reductions in emissions as factory shutdowns and fossil fuel vehicle use declines. It is an odd way to view an unintended consequence of efforts to curb the spread of Coronavirus, but it does highlight how much human activities really do impact our environment.  

Get Out and Ride

I could not end this piece without a call to action. If you find yourself with time on your hands, dust off that bike in your garage or basement and get some fresh air. No one has canceled riding the open roads, especially since motor vehicle use is decreasing. Many companies are having folks work from home, if that is an option, or closing businesses altogether. 

Whatever you do, stay safe and make the best of whatever comes next, as we weather this storm with our friends around the world. 

wishing you all the best!


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