Creating Images for The Murphy-Cam Project

New Image From Year of the Flood
October 24, 2018

Good morning from the Natti! Here is a new image from Year of the Flood. This ancient walkway, leads to the Roebling Bridge. It is presented here in monochrome, and has a timeless quality that fosters a sense of adventure. Thanks for coming along. Happy...

Murphy-Cam Updates And Teasers
October 21, 2018

Murphy-Cam Updates And Teasers: We have reached $275.00 through the GoFundMe campaign. Thank you, and keep up the good work! Here is a sample from the new book. It is going to press this weekend as we start the proofing process. Preordering your book through GoFundMe will Help offset the upfront costs and get you a signed copy in the process. Click the GoFundMe link below and join the excitement! Thanks again, and Happy...

Murphy-Cam GoFundMe Progress Update
October 17, 2018

Murphy-Cam GoFundMe Progress Update: The Murphy-Cam gofundme campaign has raised $225.00 to date. Thank you! We appreciate your support! If you are considering contributing, think of it as pre-ordering the new book. They will be available in plenty of time for holiday gift giving. I can ship them to you, or arrange to pick them up at a book signing. Again, we thank you for your continued support of the project. Happy Murphy-Cam! Peter &...

Bridging Two Cities
October 13, 2018

Bridging Two Cities - Covington and Cincinnati - The John A. Roebling Suspension Bridge stands regally at sunset, Bridging Two Cities, Covington and Cincinnati. I grew up in Covington. As a child I recall walking this bridge with my grandparents to visit the model train exhibits in the lobby of the Cincinnati Gas & Electric Company. During the holidays, we rode the bus across to the Dixie Terminal, where diesel fumes mingled with the aroma of...

Murphy-Cam Book Gofundme Campaign
October 8, 2018

Hello Murphy-Cam'ers, I am looking for a little help from my friends. The Murphy-Cam Book Gofundme Campaign is raising funds to offset publishing cost for the upcoming Murphy-Cam Project Book. Support at any amount will help us reach our goal, but if you contribute at the $45.00 level or higher, you will recieve a signed copy of the new book. And just like last year, All proceeds will be going to Our Daily Bread. Thank you does not adequately...

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