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Category: Bicycling

Riding into the Sunset
March 11, 2020

Enjoying an early spring and looking forward to riding into the sunset. No spurs or chaps, but definitely back in the saddle. Enjoy your time outside! -Peter #backinthesaddle #intothesunset...

Riding Route 8
October 13, 2019

It was a crisp but beautiful fall morning to go Riding on Route 8. Heading west from Anderson Ferry, the chilly autumn air gave us momentary pause, but we pressed on. Approximately 10 miles of rolling hills along the scenic Ohio River take you passed farms, parks, and fields. We stopped at McGlasson Farms to enjoy a tradition of hot cider and apple fritters. I considered picking up a pumpkin but decided there were no pockets large enough to hold...

Riding Cade's Cove Loop
October 5, 2019

Riding Cade's Cove Loop We found the 11 mile Cade’s Cove bike loop while planning our trip to Gatlinburg Tennessee. Cade’s Cove camp store will be happy to rent you a bike if you did not bring yours along. Terrain is gently rolling, nicely paved, and dotted with many historical landmarks to stop and enjoy. The surrounding landscape is stunning and much more enjoyable on a bike than in a motorized vehicle. Plus, the opportunity to jump off the...

Back In the Saddle
September 23, 2019

After a long time away from a sport I once pursued avidly, I am Back in the Saddle. This weekend I enjoyed a 50 mile bike ride on the Lovely Loveland Bike Trail with my friend John. I decided to ease back into the sport with the purchase of a used road bike funded with Birthday money, complements of my daughter. New Bike I was looking to replace a beloved Cannondale criterium bike that I sold many years ago, and stumbled over a 1993 Trek modified...

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