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Category: Canon 5D Mark II

Cincinnati’s Riverfront In The Morning
July 2, 2018

Murphy Not Enjoying Cincinnati’s Riverfront In The Morning - Normally I would be pointing my camera at the bridges. This one was taken from the John A. Roebling Suspension Bridge. The image of Cincinnati’s riverfront in the morning light shows off Smale Park and the wonderful green space along the river. Murphy was a trouper on this trip. The suspension bridge is his least favorite because the singing sound cars make as they pass over sets him on...

City On The Hill - Mount Adams At Night
June 27, 2018

A Night View Of Mount Adams Here we have an image of Mount Adams at night, taken from the rooftop at One Lytle. Mount Adams has a rich and storied history stretching back beyond the early 1800's. There is an ancient series of steps that will take you from downtown up to the vibrant dining and entertainment district. Last summer Joy and I walked them to explore a part of the city previously unknown to us. Nearing the top, it began to rain. We decided...

Morning Moon
June 26, 2018

Morning Moon Light - The John A. Roebling Suspension Bridge, reflecting morning moon light, presented here in monochrome. I did not notice, at the time, that a crescent moon, still visible in the early morning sky, joined Murphy and I on our walk. It adds an intriguing detail to the image. I love surprises in photography, as in life. Wishing you hope, peace, and love! Happy...

Otto Armleder Memorial Aquatic Fountain
June 12, 2018

Sawyer Point’s Otto Armleder Memorial Aquatic Fountain is in full bloom. The dog days of summer are nigh upon us. Memorial Day heralds in the aquatic season, and with it, the riverfront fountains spring to life. Though somewhat abstract, jets of sunlit water flowing past a silhouetted Great American building, make me want to kick off my shoes and join my 5 year old self for a splash. Murphy will not need to be asked twice. Blessings from...

Series on the Canon 5D Mark II - Art In The Park
June 8, 2018

Continuing Series on the Canon 5D Mark II - Art In The Park Murphy and I are back out on the trail with the Canon 5D Mark II - Art In The Park. I love these urban sculptures. Taking something that has been discarded, and focusing them through the hands of an artist to create a unique expression, adds beauty and interest to our downtown parks. Shallow depth of field is what I am after for this trio. There is nice separation of the primary subject...

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