The Murphy-Cam Project

Category: Canon 5D Mark II

Series on the Canon 5D Mark II - Frozen Fountain
June 7, 2018

Continuing Series on the Canon 5D Mark II - Frozen Fountain For this shot I wanted to test the Canon 5D Mark II’s ability to capture a moment in time. The Frozen Fountain, is one of the many fountains in Smale Park. It is not uncommon, on a warm summer afternoon, to see children splashing about, laughter pealing through the pitter patter of water droplets and little feet. This image was captured at sunrise.  I used a shutter speed of 1/8000 sec...

Series On The Canon 5D Mark II - Lights In The Tree
June 6, 2018

Series on the Canon 5D Mark II - Lights in the Tree I have been testing out a Canon Rebel SL1 on loan from photogrpher friend Aly Wilson, but wanted a body with a full frame sensor to compliment the IPhone 6s for use on The Murphy-Cam Project. I wanted to explore more low light photography at which the iPhone does not excel. Happy Fathers Day We spent the Memorial Day holiday on Nolin Lake with Katie, Nick, and his family. I have been searching for a...

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