The Murphy-Cam Project

Category: Lookout Farms

Blessed Autumn Sunrise
October 19, 2019

Welcome to this Blessed Autumn Sunrise! No bicycle pictures this weekend. Just a little angled sunlight and some cumulus to highlight. Murphy and I came upon this sight during our morning constitutional. We hope you enjoy it. Happy Murphy-Cam from down on the Farm! #MurphyCam #PeterTeremi #LookoutFarm...

Lookout Farms Gazebo
September 26, 2019

The Lookout Farms Gazebo is host and home to the legendary Wednesday night jam sessions. Lightning fingers and dulcet voices permeate the evening lake air. It has been my pleasure to meet and play with truly gifted and kind musicians. Though I was unable to make it tonight, play on fair minstrels. Lend your song to the wind. May it wonder ever onward and lilt sweetly into the night. Happy Murphy-Cam from down on the farm! #igerscincinnati...

Murphy-Cam goes to Lookout Farms
July 25, 2019

Murphy-Cam goes to Lookout Farms: As new residents of Lookout Farms we are transitioning from downtown living back to the burbs. Murphy and I found a splash of evening sunlight peering through the lush landscape of this beautiful community, as we embarked on our duty duties. Wishing you a wonderful evening from The Murphy-Cam Project....

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