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Cold Water Morning Fog
January 31, 2019

Though no one lit the railroad tracks on fire in the Queen City, I did see Cold Water Morning Fog on the river. At -2 degrees Fahrenheit, Murphy and I had little time for frivolity. A couple quick snaps and ice nuggets are all we could muster. No Fauntleroy sightings to report I'm afraid, nor was there time to inquire. With that, we hope you are staying warm and cozy on this brilliant and blustery day. Kind regards from The Murphy-Cam...

Sunrise Kayak Tour On Lake Huron
September 10, 2018

During our trip to Mackinac Island, Joy and I took a Sunrise Kayak Tour On Lake Huron. The highlight of an already memorable trip, we watched as the sun rose over the Great Lake. A spectacular colored delight, morphing hues held our gaze as quilted clouds hung on the morning breeze. The first rays of dawn gave an otherworldly glow as enchantment fell upon our troupe. May this bring you peace as your week begins. Thoughts and comments always...

Sunrise Serenade - Breaking Dawn
July 17, 2018

Dawn Greets Us With A Sunrise Serenade! - Walking through Sawyer Point Park, Murphy and I observed this beautiful sunrise. Standing there slack jawed, our attention was diverted to birds singing in the trees sourounding the river bank. It was a nice counterpoint to the vista before us. Though the birds held Murphy’s gaze, I suspect it was for a very different reason. As I meditated on this photograph, a Glenn Miller tune, Sunrise Serenade,...

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