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Cincinnati Holiday Scenes - Bokeh
December 20, 2018

Sniffing our way through downtown, Murphy and I came upon a Christmas tree adorning the base of the Roebling Bridge. Though eager to leave his Christmas card for other canine visitors, I intervened to avoid any possible electrocution. In pursuit of Cincinnati holiday scenes, I have been itching to try a little bokeh this year. A lighted Christmas tree is a great subject for this. Please enjoy this abstract tree at the end of the bridge, and hope it...

Murphy-Cam Gives Back
December 19, 2018

The Murphy-Cam Project is photographic and spiritual journey of man and dog along the river in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky. Through this journey we found a call to help the homeless neighbors we met during our trek. The latest book entitled “Year of the Flood”, captures the haunting beauty of the 2018 flood, while celebrating the resiliency of a historic river town through the many festivals along mighty Ohio. It makes a wonderful coffee...

Christmas Time in the City
December 18, 2018

Walking back from the broadway production of Rent, twinkling lights along the avenue call out, it's Christmas time in the city. Holiday decorations on trees and street lamps share warmth and excitement to passersby. There is an energy flowing into downtown I have not felt since my youth. Please enjoy a bit of Christmas time in the city from The Murphy-Cam...

Book Tree
December 7, 2018

Thought I would share this image from a few years ago when we did not feel much like decorating, as we dealt with Joy’s breast cancer diagnosis. This book tree represented the light of the universe, a love of reading, and the comfort of words passed down from time immemorial. Last month we received an all clear from the Doctor after 5 years cancer free. We have a lot to be grateful for. Sometimes it is good to look back and see how things seem...

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