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Riding Out the COVID-19 Virus
March 16, 2020

I am sitting next to my wife, working from home, while riding out the COVID-19 virus. Content Warning: This article is about silver linings. For those seeking apocalyptic ruminations, there is no shortage of options elsewhere. We exited Italy as the the virus was just getting started in the northern part of the country. Had that trip started even a week later, our wonderful experience would have been radically different, or nonexistent. Since...

Riding into the Sunset
March 11, 2020

Enjoying an early spring and looking forward to riding into the sunset. No spurs or chaps, but definitely back in the saddle. Enjoy your time outside! -Peter #backinthesaddle #intothesunset...

Hotel Lancelot - Roma
February 23, 2020

During our time in Rome we stayed in the Hotel Lancelot. In addition to being a Rick Steves pick for best hotels, it was also available through Priceline which allowed us to book a package deal including airfare and hotel. The rooms were immaculate and beautifully appointed. The staff was gracious, helpful, and offered wonderful recommendations on local restaurants and points of interest. Breakfast Breakfast was offered as part of the...

Touring Vatican City
February 21, 2020

We spent our second full day in Rome Touring Vatican City - The Palace of the Popes. Let me say first off that there is only one way to tour The Vatican, The Early Access Tour! We booked this through What A Life Tours, the same group we used for the Colosseum Tour. It was just a few euros more than the standard tour, and we entered one hour before the Vatican opened to the public. We skipped the lines that were forming for blocks through St Peters...

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