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Lookout Farms Gazebo
September 26, 2019

The Lookout Farms Gazebo is host and home to the legendary Wednesday night jam sessions. Lightning fingers and dulcet voices permeate the evening lake air. It has been my pleasure to meet and play with truly gifted and kind musicians. Though I was unable to make it tonight, play on fair minstrels. Lend your song to the wind. May it wonder ever onward and lilt sweetly into the night. Happy Murphy-Cam from down on the farm! #igerscincinnati...

Back In the Saddle
September 23, 2019

After a long time away from a sport I once pursued avidly, I am Back in the Saddle. This weekend I enjoyed a 50 mile bike ride on the Lovely Loveland Bike Trail with my friend John. I decided to ease back into the sport with the purchase of a used road bike funded with Birthday money, complements of my daughter. New Bike I was looking to replace a beloved Cannondale criterium bike that I sold many years ago, and stumbled over a 1993 Trek modified...

Murphy’s Place
August 10, 2019

Murphy’s Place, It’s a hard knock life! Calvin Is hanging out at his buddy Murphy’s place this week. Noses have been up in the air all morning as Joy is making hollandaise sauce for Eggs Benedict ala Julia Child. Unfortunately, for them, the boys did not get to sample the wares, but did manage to score some leftover turkey. Ta ta from the burbs. Happy Murphy-Cam! #CalvinAndMurphy...

Murphy-Cam goes to Lookout Farms
July 25, 2019

Murphy-Cam goes to Lookout Farms: As new residents of Lookout Farms we are transitioning from downtown living back to the burbs. Murphy and I found a splash of evening sunlight peering through the lush landscape of this beautiful community, as we embarked on our duty duties. Wishing you a wonderful evening from The Murphy-Cam Project....

James Bradley - Abolitionist
June 15, 2019

For the past 3 years Murphy and I have walked the streets of Cincinnati, and those cities surrounding the river. In that time, we discovered many elements of our community, some iconic, and some less so. This is the statue of James Bradley - Abolitionist. It resides in Covington Ky, overlooking the Ohio River into Downtown Cincinnati. James Bradley was born free in Africa and abducted by slave traders at the age of 3. He was sold as a slave in...

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