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A Leap Of Faith - Our Daily Bread
December 29, 2017

Our Daily Bread Today I got to do something I did not think possible. Thanks to the encouragement of so many friends and family, I took a leap of faith and created a book of down town Cincinnati photography, with my trusty sidekick Murphy. Once the book was completed, we decided to give any proceeds to a charity that would have a direct impact on our homeless and hungry neighbors. We chose to work with Our Daily Bread, who were already making a...

Creating Images for The Murphy-Cam Project
December 18, 2017

Creating Images That Spoke To Me by Peter Teremi Over the last year and a half, I focused on creating images that spoke to me, and perhaps to others. These eventually became The Murphy-Cam Project. Below are some thoughts on how I approach my craft and hopefully give you some ideas on yours. Look for the Light When thinking about taking a photograph, don’t focus on the subject, focus on the light. That’s where the image is. You will find even the...

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