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Focus on the Homeless
April 17, 2019

I recently had the opportunity to talk with Tim Ray from United Intentions. Focus on the Homeless covered the work we are doing through The Murphy-Cam Project. Take some time to view the podcast and pick up a copy of the new book, Year of the Flood! Thank you for your support and kindness! Happy...

Nashville Cats
April 17, 2019

Meet Oliver Rue. No, he's not one of those Nashville Cats, but he is a new friend I met in Music City while spending time with very good friends. Oliver is a crafty cat who can open doors and loves to play with the laser pointer, which he insists on before eating. I have no doubt he and Murphy would be great pals. Oliver likes his head scratched on his terms, but he took a liking to me, and kept coming back for more. We accomplished a lot,...

Morning Light In Spring
April 15, 2019

There is an awesome power in nature. From the magnitude of energy expended to burst forth life, or its ability to inspire our imagination, it is a wonder to behold. This majestic ent, radiating with the morning light in spring, gives me hope. Hope for the future. Hope in a new day to learn from the stumbles of yesterday. Hope to shed the cloak of negativity and indifference, and don the raiment of all that is possible when we dare to believe in...

Look Back - Peaceful River At Dawn
April 12, 2019

I find it helpful to occasionally revisit images that jump out to me as I review them. This Murphy-Cam Look Back Peaceful River At Dawn, is one. Originally posted Thanksgiving 2018, it still makes me stop and reflect on the beauty in our little part of the universe. Happy...

Blossoms in Spring - Lovely!
April 12, 2019

Happy Friday my friends! Today's selection is blossoms in spring. Murphy and I found this little guy hanging out in the park. He looked lonely so we stopped by to visit. When discussions turned to the birds and bees, Murphy checked his watch, noted the time, and said "my my, we must be off". Bidding farewell, we parted ways, and turned our attention to more pressing matters. Namely, a blade of grass that seemed particularly fascinating. With...

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