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Peter Teremi is a photographer, author, and blogger, based in Cincinnati Ohio. He has published two books, and has photographic works displayed at the Taft Museum of Art. Peter enjoys music, travel, spending time with family, and daily walks with a Miniature Schnauzer named Murphy. The Murphy-Cam Project is a blog and published works about photography and images taken during his walks along the many beautiful riverside locations in the city. You can catch up with them through his website at, and through social media outlets: facebook, twitter, and instagram.

Photo courtesy Debbie Williams|Dragonfly Photography

The Murphy-Cam Project

Study of Light

The Murphy-Cam Project

Year of the Flood

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WEBN Fireworks 2018 - What A Blast!
September 3, 2018

There's no better way to send the summer off with a bang, than to enjoy the WEBN Fireworks. WEBN and I go back a long way. 51 years to be exact. The radio station, founded by Frank Wood, went on the air in Cincinnati, in 1967, the weekend I was born. Although it was an album oriented rock format station, I was first exposed to classical music through its Sunday morning classical programming, hosted by Frank senior. Not your typical road to Classical a...

Prayer Labyrinth At Smale Park
September 2, 2018

The beautiful Prayer Labyrinth At Smale Park is a peaceful setting for meditation. The Roebling Suspension Bridge provides a picturesque backdrop for quiet contemplation. We try to steer clear because it is difficult to concentrate with Murph putting on the dancing dog show. Have a great holiday weekend from Murphy-Cam!

Murphy Preparing For A Work Day
August 29, 2018

Here we see Murphy preparing for a work day. With his Darth Vader coffee cup on hand, and special chair, all things can be accomplished! A contemplative stair shows he is working on his next book. Happy Tuesday from Murphy-Cam!

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