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Peter Teremi is a photographer, author, and blogger, based in Cincinnati Ohio. He has published two books, and has photographic works displayed at the Taft Museum of Art. Peter enjoys music, travel, spending time with family, and daily walks with a Miniature Schnauzer named Murphy. The Murphy-Cam Project is a blog and published works about photography and images taken during his walks along the many beautiful riverside locations in the city. You can catch up with them through his website at, and through social media outlets: facebook, twitter, and instagram.

Photo courtesy Debbie Williams|Dragonfly Photography

The Murphy-Cam Project

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The Murphy-Cam Project

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Rock Down To - Electric Avenue
August 8, 2018

We gonna rock down to, Electric Avenue and then we'll take it higher! This Eddy Grant funk tune ushered in the 80's, and my formative years. Sometimes music floods my mind while looking at photographs. That was the case here. If you are familiar with this tune, it may be rolling around your head for a while. If not, go take a listen, with perhaps the same results. In either case, Murphy and I hope you enjoy this night shot of the city, and wish you a ...

Paddlefest 2018 - One For The Books
August 4, 2018

Paddlefest 2018, truly was one for the books. Water travelers lunched, in the wee small hours, to a glorious sunrise. The air was warm and clear as boys and girls of all ages, took to the Ohio River in search of adventure. Murphy and I opted to remain landlubbers today, along with my Photographer friend Aly, canvassing the riverfront looking for unique ways to tell this story through the lens. Murphy's keen eye spotted more than a few canine participa...

Sunrise Paddle - Prelude To Paddlefest
August 2, 2018

Light fog greeted the Sunrise Paddle event this morning, but paddlers are a resilient folk. I am grateful that Amy Allen asked Murphy and I to join them, and want to thank Bill Swanson for bringing an extra kayak for Murph and I to enjoy! Though Murphy and I have been on many adventures together, this was his first time in a kayak. I was concerned that he might be anxious, but he jumped in, sat on my lap, put his paws up on the deck, and there he sat...

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