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Tag: A foggy morning

Cold Water Morning Fog
January 31, 2019

Though no one lit the railroad tracks on fire in the Queen City, I did see Cold Water Morning Fog on the river. At -2 degrees Fahrenheit, Murphy and I had little time for frivolity. A couple quick snaps and ice nuggets are all we could muster. No Fauntleroy sightings to report I'm afraid, nor was there time to inquire. With that, we hope you are staying warm and cozy on this brilliant and blustery day. Kind regards from The Murphy-Cam...

Ghost Ship On a Foggy Morning
April 23, 2018

A Foggy Morning - The Showboat Majestic has been sitting vacant, on Cincinnati’s Public Landing for the past few years. A once vibrant theatrical venue, now a pale version of its former glory. A foggy morning creates an otherworldly atmosphere for this stately lady. Brought to you by Murphy-Cam...

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