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Paddlefest 2018 - One For The Books
August 4, 2018

Paddlefest 2018, truly was one for the books. Water travelers lunched, in the wee small hours, to a glorious sunrise. The air was warm and clear as boys and girls of all ages, took to the Ohio River in search of adventure. Murphy and I opted to remain landlubbers today, along with my Photographer friend Aly, canvassing the riverfront looking for unique ways to tell this story through the lens. Murphy's keen eye spotted more than a few canine...

The River At Twilight
July 14, 2018

There is a peacefulness that descends on The River At Twilight - Murphy and I occasionally find a deserted piece of riverbank and stare out in silence. Taking in the wisdom quietly whispered, our burdens flow away. There's a song the river sings. It's hard to hear if your mind is full. Try to empty it out, you may snatch a wisp of melody, a soft lyric, a gentle rhythm. Perhaps you may even find a bit of yourself, hiding, searching for meaning in...

Cincinnati - The City At Dusk
July 8, 2018

A serene end to a wonderful weekend of celebrations with the City at Dusk - Joy, my wife of 27 years, celebrated a big Birthday this weekend. I couldn’t have asked for a better life, or a better partner to spend it with. We hope you enjoy this image of the City At Dusk. Wishing you a pleasant evening from...

A Leap Of Faith - Our Daily Bread
December 29, 2017

Our Daily Bread Today I got to do something I did not think possible. Thanks to the encouragement of so many friends and family, I took a leap of faith and created a book of down town Cincinnati photography, with my trusty sidekick Murphy. Once the book was completed, we decided to give any proceeds to a charity that would have a direct impact on our homeless and hungry neighbors. We chose to work with Our Daily Bread, who were already making a...

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