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Year of the Flood - Reviews
November 19, 2018

The Murphy-Cam Project – Year of the Flood will be released December 1st. Books can be purchased through this web site, Book signings, and online retailiers world wide. Reviewed By Jack Magnus for Readers’ Favorite The Murphy-Cam Project – Year of the Flood: A Story of Resilience Through the Lens is a nonfiction art/photography work written, and with photographs, by Peter Teremi. Teremi’s Murphy-Cam Project is a blog which celebrates the...

New Murphy-Cam Book Coming Soon!
October 5, 2018

Production of the New Murphy-Cam Book is underway. Stay tuned for updates on book signings and other developments as we get closer to completion. As the subtitle implies, there will be exclusive coverage of the 2018 Ohio River Flood from ground zero, along with many other treats, including Paddle Fest and Murphy's first kayak experience. I will leave you with a cover art sample of this years edition. They will be here in plenty of time for holiday...

New Murphy-Cam Book Coming Soon
September 24, 2018

The next installment of the New Murphy-Cam Book Coming Soon! Nearly a year ago the The Murphy-Cam Project was released, and I have been humbled by your generosity and kind words. Through book signings, television appearances, and a tremendous social media response, we have made a difference in our community. We brought awareness to our homeless neighbors and provided financial assistance to organizations that are on the ground doing great work for...

What Is The Murphy-Cam Project?
July 12, 2018

So, What Is The Murphy-Cam Project, You May Ask? The Murphy-Cam Project has become many things, but it is first and foremost an effort to photograph Cincinnati in a way that reflects my journey with a Miniature Schnauzer named Murphy. Our daily excursions, of both necessity and curiosity, often happen during the golden hour on the river. Bathed in the soft rays of dusk and dawn, the city presents itself in a way few get to experience. While Murphy...

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