The Murphy-Cam Project

Tag: SkyStar Ferris Wheel

Cincinnati SkyStar In Motion
December 22, 2018

These are the voyages of The Murphy-Cam Project. It's continuing mission to seek out new lights and new frivolozations (yes I just made that up). To boldly go anywhere he darn well pleases, hence the pocket full of baggies. This holiday season, we are looking for festive images to share. Presented here is the Cincinnati SkyStar in motion. I have been gnawing on the best way to capture this at night. Long exposure seemed the best approach. The result...

Cincinnati Skyline Old And New
October 30, 2018

I love this juxtaposition of the Cincinnati Skyline old and new. The foreground contains elements of Smale Park and the SkyStar Wheel, set against a backdrop of the Carew Tower and PNC Tower (formerly the Central Trust Bank Building). Murphy and I hope this finds you well. Happy...

SkyStar Ferris Wheel Visits The Queen City
September 18, 2018

If you've visited Downtown Cincinnati recently, you may have noticed a 150 foot SkyStar Ferris Wheel lit up like a Christmas tree, down at the Banks. Operating August 31st through December 2nd, it is America's largest portable observation wheel, with over 1 million LED lights. (Images of Dr Evil's raised pinky come to mind.) Pictured here at rest, bathing in the first rays of dawn, this beauty was featured prominently in NFL’s coverage of the...

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