The Murphy-Cam Project

A Life Well Lived

A Life Well Lived  

What can be said about a life that touched so many. In 12 short years this beautiful soul turned our world upside down. 

He insisted on inserting his tongue in your mouth or up your nose whilst licking your face. He was an expert fence tester, and managed to escape from any fenced-in backyard he tested. But, like the consummate professional he was, never divulged his secrets. 

He was frustratingly camera shy, turning his face away whenever he saw me coming with a camera. That may seem odd for a pup who was the Inspiration for two books of photography, website, social media, and running around television stations greeting on air talent and janitors. He also greeted the homeless friends we met on our journeys, inspiring book sales profits to be donated to help feed them. Reflecting back, it occurs to me that he was guiding me to tell stories bigger than the both of us. I believe we did. 

Murphy succumbed to cancer Friday March 24th, 2023, 12 years to the day he became part of our family. 

God speed my friend. The next time we meet, I promise, no cameras. 

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