Hone Light to Tell A Story Visually

by Peter Teremi –

I have been thinking about what makes Photography an art form. It is a creative endeavor in which the medium is light. In painting, the medium is, well, paint. You use brushes as tools, but you are manipulating paint, be it oil or water color. A sculptor works with clay, wood, or marble. Dance requires the artest to modulate the human body. Musicians shape air waves. But in photography, you use elements of glass to shape and hone light to tell a story visually.

Foreign Light

As a landscape photographer I use foreign materials that originate off planet. Some photon bombardments, like our sun, Come from within our solar system. Others have traveled much farther, beginning their journey outside our galaxy.

Finding Balance

But light isn’t enough. You must also have darkness to contrast the light. Much like our personal journeys, the dark places in our lives give beauty and perspective to those times of joy and laughter. Chinese philosophy speaks of the yin and yang as opposites that may be complementary, connected, and dependent on each other to bring balance to the force.

So let your light shine!

Wishing you a Happy Friday Murphy-Cam’ers!

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hone light to tell a story visually

Darkness and Light