1. A blogger on TV!! Impressive Peter. BTW, I love all the musical references in your blog. It’s a great way to pull it all together. I always think about musical references but don’t use them a lot in our blog because: 1. We have a big international follwing and many of our folks probably wouldn’t understand, and 2. Followers will know I’m a geezer/boomer :). Or to use a musical reference: Dust in the Wind. ~James

    • Lol, Thank you James for taking a look around, and for the very kind words. I have decided to own my nerdy geezerness and it comes out organically as I write. You make a good point about the international nature of blogging. Years ago I attended a Guitar workshop in Kentucky hosted by an Italian Bluegrass player. He said he was honored to play bluegrass music in KY. Having played it all over the world, he said Germany had the most energetic positive response to it. That conversation helped me to see the world and global availability of music in a larger way. Keep doing what you are doing. I enjoy it!

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