Dog grooming in the Bridel District, Murphy gives me the eye –

After a new haircut and patriotic bandana, Murphy gives me the eye. Our groomer Sharon, at Adorable Dog, is located in Reading Ohio, right next to the Bridal District. We decided to combine a grooming for the Murph-Man, and some preemptive wedding shopping before Katie comes into town next week, hoping to find “The Gown”.

It took us a long time to find A good groomer, having experienced many bad doggie-do’s. I’ll be the first to admit that Murphy is a prima-donna, and is fussy about his paws and ears being tampered with. Sharon says he has a foot fetish. All I know is that Murphy has the best looking Schnauzer cut since we started going there.

I wasn’t sure how to include Katie’s engagement activities, into a photography blog with a dog, but feel this is a good start. Since Murphy’s nephew Ruben will be visiting this week, we will have opportunities for adventure, so stay tuned. Happy Murphy-Cam!