Seals and Croft is a fitting soundtrack for this image of Yeatmans Cove botanicals blowing in the Summer Breeze. I have been experimenting with some vintage lenses on a modern DSLR camera. In this case, I am using a 70’s era Nikon 50mm lens on a Canon 5D MkII. The image has plenty of detail, and there is a warmth that I don’t get with a modern lens. Plus, I love the idea of mixing products from two major photography icons.

I have added a photo of the Franken-camera below, for your viewing pleasure. I encourage experimentation with any art form. Using an all manual lens like this, will beef up your photography skills. It requires you to evaluate all the decisions a modern camera might make, and think about how choosing different settings will let you make an image unique to you. Thoughts and comments always welcome. Wishing you a Yacht Rock Summer from The Murphy-Cam Project!

Summer Breeze

Vintage Nikon Lens On Canon DSLR Body