Ohio River Launch Club – Evening With Paddlefest

This image was taken at the Ohio River Launch Club at sunset. There is nothing more inviting than a sailboat gently rocking on an expansive body of water at dusk. Cue Sailing by Christopher Cross for the background track. At least that’s what’s playing in my head.

I was lucky enough to play a small roll in this years Ohio River Paddlefest. Murphy and I were invited to provide some photographic support for the Sunrise Paddle event, and the main Paddlefest event on Saturday morning. I could not have imagined working with a nicer group of people, even rivaling the niceness of all the ukulele folks I know. It should come as no surprise that many of the same individuals do both.

The event generated $105,000.00 to support outdoor adventures for urban youth, through Outdoor Adventure Clubs of Greater Cincinnati. I could not imagine a more worthy cause. Cheers from Captain Murphy. Have an outdoor kind of day from Murphy-Cam!

Ohio River Launch Club

Ohio River Launch Club

Ohio River Launch Club

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  1. Beautiful shot. There is not much better than sunrise or sunset on the water. Can’t wait until I am by the ocean in late September/early October. Allan

    • True. When the light is right, they practically take themselves. I look forward to see what you bring back.

      • Stay tuned. We are embarking on a 2 month cross Canada driving trip. There should be lots of things we have not seen before. Cheers. Allan

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