Murphy and I would like to thank all who braved the elements for a wonderful night at the bookstore. Joseph-Beth hosted a great event, and Murphy got to greet old and new friends alike. Special thanks to Debbie Williams from Home Video Studio for capturing the event. Also thanks go out to Carla Smith for sharing these images, and my wife Joy for being on Murphy patrole. I was also humbled to see Patricia Timm, a Local and talented landscape photographer, and Alexander Watson, with his beautiful and charming new book River Queens.

If you could not make it to a book signing, there are plenty of signed copies available at your local Joseph-Beth.  You can also order a copy directly through my BookShop. Keep your lights shining, and have a Happy Murphy-Cam!

Night At The Bookstore

Murphy-cam @ Joseph-Beth

Night At The Bookstore

Murphy-Cam @ Joseph-Beth 2