A good cup of coffee, my trusty sidekick, and the rest of the house asleep is the perfect recipe for Saturday Morning Jazz. My current groove is Spotify’s Coffee Table Jazz playlist. I do get the dichotomy. Streaming digital music through a wireless Sonos WiFi signal is a far cry from the days of Vinyl, or even Compact Disks for that matter. That’s not to mention the many other audio formats that have come and gone.

Though I do not foresee the resurrection of 8-track tapes, the vinyl album has returned. Back by popular demand would be a good way to describe the phenomenon. There is something about it. Some indefinable quality that keeps us coming back. Is it nostalgia? Maybe. Perhaps it is the physical incarnation of sound waves, etched into a spinning platter capable of capturing frequencies well above and below the human capacity to hear. There is a long running debate among audio enthusiasts, about whether including audio outside the ears capacity to perceive has any effect on the corresponding harmonics in lower registers. Be that as it may, pops, scratches and all, we like our vinyl. Welcome back old friend.

As I write this, the digital Jazz continues to stream, Murphy continues to nap, and that coffee cup needs attention. No matter how you get your music, and in what ever flavor you like it, keep feeding you soul. Take care from The Murphy-Cam Project!