Riding Cade’s Cove Loop

We found the 11 mile Cade’s Cove bike loop while planning our trip to Gatlinburg Tennessee. Cade’s Cove camp store will be happy to rent you a bike if you did not bring yours along.

Terrain is gently rolling, nicely paved, and dotted with many historical landmarks to stop and enjoy. The surrounding landscape is stunning and much more enjoyable on a bike than in a motorized vehicle. Plus, the opportunity to jump off the bike and grab the camera when you see the shot was a win.

Automobile traffic is a concern. If you are cycling, be careful and stay in the middle of the one lane one way road. Riding the edge is hazardous as the asphalt drops off several inches and there is not enough room for a vehicle to pass you safely. The other frustration is that vehicles will drive at 10 mph. If you are riding down hill, you can not take advantage of the free cost, and uphill vehicles go 10 mph. Unless you’re training for a mountain stage of the Tour De France, ascending steep grades at more than 10 mph is not realistic. The gates open for motorized traffic at 10 am, so an early morning ride is much safer.

I hope you enjoy the photos, and if you have a chance to bike ride on your next trip to Gatlinburg, check out Cade’s Cove Loop and make it an early morning ride. Happy Murphy-Cam!

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