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Category: Coronavirus

Happy Holy Week
April 12, 2020

Happy Holy Week to our friends around the world. Nothing pulls us together like shared hardship. Wishing you all the best, health, safety, and peace, as we move through life together. Very best...

Hope As An Essential Service
March 24, 2020

I have been thinking about essential services as we move deeper into self isolation, amid fears of the Coronavirus. There are many lists including grocery stores, gas stations, medical and emergency services. But what about hope? What does hope as an essential service look like? Faith Faith communities are struggling with this question as the traditional notion of church is upended. One might argue that the role of faith in the...

Riding Out the COVID-19 Virus
March 16, 2020

I am sitting next to my wife, working from home, while riding out the COVID-19 virus. Content Warning: This article is about silver linings. For those seeking apocalyptic ruminations, there is no shortage of options elsewhere. We exited Italy as the the virus was just getting started in the northern part of the country. Had that trip started even a week later, our wonderful experience would have been radically different, or nonexistent. Since...

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