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What Kind Of People?
April 2, 2019

Murphy and I spend much time on the Purple People Bridge. It is a quick walk to all the amenities at Newport On The Levee. But of all the times we have traveled that road, the question begs, What Kind Of People? Murphy says he has never seen or smelled any purple folks on the bridge, so why is it called that? Formally known as the Newport Southbank Bridge, this former railroad bridge opened in 1872. After years of neglect, it was restored in 2001,...

Opening Day Cincinnati
March 28, 2019

One benefit of being the oldest team in Major League Baseball is kicking off the season with Opening Day in Cincinnati! Lucius Quinctius Cincinnatus Making our rounds this morning we discovered our bronze statue of Cincinnatus, bedecked with an appropriately sized Reds ball cap. The Roman statesman, for whom the city was named, was born around 519 bce. He served the fledgling Roman Empire from 460 to 439. Opening Day The day will include a...

Saturday Morning Jazz
March 16, 2019

A good cup of coffee, my trusty sidekick, and the rest of the house asleep is the perfect recipe for Saturday Morning Jazz. My current groove is Spotify's Coffee Table Jazz playlist. I do get the dichotomy. Streaming digital music through a wireless Sonos WiFi signal is a far cry from the days of Vinyl, or even Compact Disks for that matter. That's not to mention the many other audio formats that have come and gone. Though I do not foresee the...

Casino De Monte-Carlo
February 16, 2019

Casino De Monte-Carlo - A Trip To Monaco in Words and Images Walking through the park, I can hear Monty Norman's brash brass punctuated theme to so many Bond films, as the Casino De Monte-Carlo rises into view. Bentley after Rolls Royce stop to drop patrons at the foot of this historic entrance. I keep an eye out for that classic Aston Martin, but it is not to be. We wonder through the hallowed halls and pay homage to the casino through slot machine...

Southern Exposure French Riviera
February 13, 2019

We set off on an adventure to Nice France in hopes of gaining a bit of southern exposure French Riviera Style. I was not prepared for the breathtaking beauty of this little part of the world. Today's adventure took us along the promenade which hugs the Mediterranean Sea. Though rocky, the water is an iridescent aqua blue along the shore. It is winter here in February with temps in the low 60's and sparsely cloudy sky's. A fine day for...

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