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Sunset Tour In Silhouette
September 29, 2018

A riverboat, seen here on a sunset tour in silhouette, cast against the Roebling Bridge and Paul Brown stadium. A beautiful end to a beautiful day!...

WEBN Fireworks 2018 - What A Blast!
September 3, 2018

There's no better way to send the summer off with a bang, than to enjoy the WEBN Fireworks. WEBN and I go back a long way. 51 years to be exact. The radio station, founded by Frank Wood, went on the air in Cincinnati, in 1967, the weekend I was born. Although it was an album oriented rock format station, I was first exposed to classical music through its Sunday morning classical programming, hosted by Frank senior. Not your typical road to Classical...

Fireworks Friday’s
August 12, 2018

Fireworks Friday’s are a summertime tradition in Cincinnati. Beginning 15 minutes after the conclusion of Friday night Reds home games, May through September, you can enjoy a beautiful display of Rozzi's Famous Fireworks. I was hoping to capture a selection of fireworks images for this years book. Murphy did not join me on this expedition. He is an adventurous soul, but Fireworks are not his cup of tea. In the image below, Deep Purple and...

Rock Down To - Electric Avenue
August 8, 2018

We gonna rock down to, Electric Avenue and then we'll take it higher! This Eddy Grant funk tune ushered in the 80's, and my formative years. Sometimes music floods my mind while looking at photographs. That was the case here. If you are familiar with this tune, it may be rolling around your head for a while. If not, go take a listen, with perhaps the same results. In either case, Murphy and I hope you enjoy this night shot of the city, and wish you a...

Sunrise Paddle - Prelude To Paddlefest
August 2, 2018

Light fog greeted the Sunrise Paddle event this morning, but paddlers are a resilient folk. I am grateful that Amy Allen asked Murphy and I to join them, and want to thank Bill Swanson for bringing an extra kayak for Murph and I to enjoy! Though Murphy and I have been on many adventures together, this was his first time in a kayak. I was concerned that he might be anxious, but he jumped in, sat on my lap, put his paws up on the deck, and there he...

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