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Murphy-Cam After Dark
September 27, 2018

Welcome to the Murphy-Cam After Dark edition. One of my favorite landmarks on the Cincinnati riverfront is the Roebling Suspension Bridge. Though beautiful during the day, at night it comes to life. Hoping this finds you well! Brought to you by the Murphy-Cam...

Serpentine Wall At Yeatman’s Cove
September 21, 2018

A popular site to view the WEBN Fireworks, the Serpentine Wall at Yeatman's Cove was completed in 1976. The snake shaped flood wall features steps leading down to the Ohio River and is located in Yeatman's Cove Park. Yeatman's Cove is named for the first tavern in Cincinnati, established in 1793 by Griffin Yeatman. We hope you enjoyed the history lesson! TGIF from the Murphy-Cam...

A Walk In The Park - Come On Along
August 13, 2018

Thank you for joining Murphy and I for a walk in the park. Today's selection includes evening golden sunlight filtered through the bridges and flowers of Smale Park. What a treat to stumble over a great burst of light, and even more exciting to capture a little bit of it through the lens. Wishing you a pleasant evening...

Paddlefest 2018 - One For The Books
August 4, 2018

Paddlefest 2018, truly was one for the books. Water travelers lunched, in the wee small hours, to a glorious sunrise. The air was warm and clear as boys and girls of all ages, took to the Ohio River in search of adventure. Murphy and I opted to remain landlubbers today, along with my Photographer friend Aly, canvassing the riverfront looking for unique ways to tell this story through the lens. Murphy's keen eye spotted more than a few canine...

Dancing In The Moonlight - It’s A Fine And Natural Sight
July 30, 2018

Dancing In The Moonlight - A Supernatural Delight On July 27th 2018, in what was deemed the longest lunar eclipse of the 21st century, Murphy and I were Dancing In The Moonlight. And although, it was surely a fine and natural sight, we could not see the eclipse from our vantage point in the mid-western section of the United States. It was, however, a gorgeous full moon and we managed to capture a few snaps of Yeatman's Cove Park bathed in...

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